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Built to handle Any Weather Conditions

Stone Canyon Lodges has been in the Park Model Manufacturing business since 2000. Our goal has been to build a quality park model cabin that will last for many years. We are extremely proud of the construction of our cabins!

Our cabin survived Hurricane Katrina!

The photograph above is one of our cabins purchased by Mr. Hoorman in Yscolskey, St. Bernard Parrish, Louisiana. The photograph was taken after Hurricane Katrina passed through the Parrish. Mr. Hoorman's cabin was the only thing left at this Shell Beach Camp and St. Bernard Parrish after five tornados and a 30' tidal wave passed over the Parrish. An excerpt from an e-mail from Mr. Hoorman explains the location of his cabin.

"There's only a few acres of marsh land between the camp and the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, during Katrina a 30' tidal wave came up the outlet on to the land. My camp is 17' above sea level. I still got 5 inches of water on the inside. The water came through the air conditioner registers, the water went back the same way, which was good, because the water did not sit in the camp."