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Stone Canyon Park Cabins/Chalets/Homes Do Not Contain Any Formaldehyde Products

With the recent news development with the FEMA trailers used for victims of "Hurricane Katrina" containing high levels of "formaldehyde" which is involving serious health issues. Stone Canyon Lodges & Park Models, LLC wants to strongly reassure all of our customers that our park model cabins/chalets/homes contain no formaldehyde products at all! Each and every Stone Canyon Park Model Cabin/Chalet/Home are built with natural wood products, all stick built, using only the industries safest building materials.

Our commitment of safety to all of our customers along with a high end quality Park Model Cabins/Chalets/Homes at a affordable prices goes into each and every unit we build. That is why we like to call our park models "The Ultimate Cabin On Wheels"!